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As long as we are in closed beta, everyone will enjoy all features for the price of a STARTER event
A good start for small businesses or personnal usage.
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Create public event
Manage RSVP
Manage invitations
Contact management tool
Import data
Priority support
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Everything you need to manage your events on a global enterprise scale.
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Use cases

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  • Retail Industry
Increase you show up ratio during private sale!

SMS have a 98% opening rate. What better tool can be used to drive customers to your door?

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  • Personal Training
Spend time on your Bootcamp. Not organizing it.

Aside from personal training, I train people during “Bootcamps" every week. Ushouldcome is a quick and easy way to get people to RSVP, and to update them whenever I want.

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  • Corporate Event
Invite colleagues and customers with the same platform.

A simple way to invite customers and our colleagues with a single platform! Tailor invitations for customers, and send specific information to our team.

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  • Retail Industry
Make it big with small resources.

Save time while planning and organizing your event. With ushouldcome, you manage your event, your invitations and your guests from one place.

Time is the key

Ushouldcome is the fastest way to organize an event and to send personalized invitations to guests.